Women's Empowerment

Women empowerment is nothing but recognition of women’s basic rights and creation of such an environment where they are treated as equals to men. In this concern, HCRO has set up learning and training center for sewing and stitching to make underprivileged women confident and supportive in their family's economical activities. HCRO understands the values of their dreams and at the same time we also conduct health awareness programmes for their well being. HCRO is providing them every possible aid.

Women are taught professional and vocational skills like stitching and tailoring in order to assist them generate self-employment and income. It is an effort to make them self-reliant and empowered.


Food is essential to life therefore give food to the needy.


Take care of your body. It's the only place where you have to live in

Funding for Poor

The health impact of poverty is most seen on children and women.

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for those helpless childrens who need it