HCRO believes in comprehensive, multidimensional, and an integrated approach to work with differently abled people. HCRO emphasizes on the concept of generating all rare possibilities for the not so fortunate people.

Educational Assistance

Education is not only about making a livelihood; education is also about making a life. Our organisation believes that if we provide the underprivileged Children the gift of education, they would live a life with dignity. Thus only we could end the never-ending vicious circle of poverty and Sufferings forever.

  • Free scholarships
  • Free education
  • Free tuitions
  • Free study materials
  • Free counseling
  • Vocational training
  • Skill development classes
  • Career guidance etc.

Health assistance

    HCRO works for the children from the most marginalised and economically deprived families. We support them in treatment of their critical diseases (surgeries). Our organisation sponsor the treatment of these underprivileged children and helps them to get back to their normal life from:

  • Cardiac disorder
  • Cancer
  • Neuro surgeries
  • We Provide free medicine and organise medical camps or health awareness programs.


  • We suppourt in all types of rehabilitative therapies i.e. physiotherapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, play therapy, speech therapy and psychological consultation.
  • Provide aids and appliances such as artificial limbs, calipers, wheel chairs, crutches, hearing aids, visual aids, gaiters, braces, chairs for spastic children etc.


Our organisation also contribute time and keep working regarding this by planting more trees in parks and schools and conduct environmental awareness programs in schools and societies. It helps to make people aware of environmental issues and to take actions accordingly. Everyone in society including kids, youths, adults or even aged people understand and become aware of these issues, if they get proper education and information about it. Only Education can give right knowledge that how nature works.

Woman Empowerment

Women of this Era:-

Women empowerment is nothing but recognition of women’s basic rights and creation of such an environment where they are treated as equals to men. In this concern, HCRO has set up learning and training center for sewing and stitching to make underprivileged women confident and supportive in their family's economical activities. HCRO understands the values of their dreams and at the same time we also conduct health awareness programmes for their well being. HCRO is providing them every possible aid.

Women are taught professional and vocational skills like stitching and tailoring in order to assist them generate self-employment and income. It is an effort to make them self-reliant and empowered.

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