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President of HCRO

I want to tell that I have been working on issues of disability, child labor and women's rights with the experience of the past 10 years. I'm passionate about the rights of poor and excluded groups and communities. To ensure this, I work hard with the HCRO team so that the children and women of poor communities in our country can get all the highest quality medical, social, psychological, educational, and recreational services. We are indebted to our donors, sponsors and volunteers, who make our work possible because we continue to face new challenges in HCRO, together with them. I appeal to all of you to keep helping us to make smile for deprived children, special children and destitute women in this campaign. With strong support and encouragement, we can give new direction to the bright future of children in society. I am courteous with your support. And I know that we can work together so that we can achieve the self-governing world for present and future generations. In many societies there is a bias towards women and their governing ability, as a result many powerful positions are male-dominated. As chairman of HCRO, I will continue to make continuous efforts to increase the leadership capacity of women and provide them job opportunities and financially strengthen. I thank my whole team and all those people who are walking with us in this campaign by side with shoulders, Thank you

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