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  • What is our relationship with our donators?

    In HCRO understanding of the term “relationship,” a relationship is a collaborative effort of two or more donators, where each donators has been involved in the contribution of our target and each donators has specific roles and responsibilities in target implementation and evaluation. The relationship must be mutually beneficial to donating to organizations, and all donators organizations must be aware that such a relationship exists.

  • What is the main function of this organization?

    HCRO believes in comprehensive, multidimensional, and an integrated approach to work with differently able people. HCRO emphasizes on the concept of generating all rare possibilities for the not so fortunate people. Our organization works for the concerned rights of children Children’s rights include the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation, an adequate standard of living and to be protected from abuse and harm. Children’s rights cover their developmental and age-appropriate needs that change over time as a child grows up. HCRO understands these needs very well and is always makes efforts to fulfill these needs. The object of HCRO is to provide help to the destitute and indigent children especially with Educational and health supports.

  • What are the reports that are required post funding?

    We require a quarterly synopsis of the activities of the organization along with case studies (if any, available for the quarter) as well as photographs for our records. The reports should be submitted in the format provided by THF. In addition, we also require a Quarterly Utilization Certificate duly countersigned by the Chartered Accountant of your organization.

  • What is the objective of Handicapped Children regeneration organization mission?

    To transform the society in to a better place for the handicapped people. A place where these people can have a bright, protected, healthy and happy future. To make society aware about the needs and potential of such people. It cannot be denied that society publicly or covertly ignore such people and their needs. They are kept deprived of their basic necessities like, education, medical treatments, recruitments, etc. Society has a misapprehension that handicapped people have little or no potential. Our motive is to end this misconception and to make society a place where deserving opportunities are generated for them. Handicapped people can use their potential and can also become an important part of this mainstream. Our community must honor their capabilities rather than focusing on their disability.

  • What are the ranges where the proposed development may be undertaken by HCRO?

    The Mission Mode covers all the ranges of disability viz. speech & hearing, visual, mentally, orthopedically handicapped (includes cerebral palsy, leprosy, and spastic). It supports all aspects of rehabilitation - development of new assistive devices, enhancement of new employment opportunities, educational skills and recreation of persons with disabilities.

  • What is the extent of funding?

    Funding to the extent of 100% is provided for the donators research proposals.

  • Eligilibility of application for submitting the proposal.

    The proposal may be submitted in the prescribed preformed by scientists, engineers, researchers of academic and research institutions, public sector undertakings, industries, non-governmental organizations etc. having basic and essential facilities to carry out the research work.

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