Master Ashan

Location : Rampur, UP

Child Age : 2 +Years

Gender : Male

Hospital : AIIMS Hospital

Hospital Registration Number : 104644641

Treatment Prescribed : CCHD + QQP AVSD /PS

Total Expenditure : Rs.1, 25, 000

Disease : Congenital heart defect

Master Ashan, 2 +Years old is a case of congenital heart defect.The Nature of disease is CCHD + QQP AVSD /PS and he needs surgery required TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot). The total cost of surgery is Rs.1, 25, 000. His father is a helper in a garment shop earns Rs.6, 000 per month approx. This is not enough to bear the expenditure of the treatment.which has made their life even more miserable. This is the reason that his son's treatment and other expenses is simply impossible. so, they approached HCRO seeking sponsorship for the cure of their child. Any donation from you will mean the world to them. Every bit will be used to cover his sons treatment. Please help him to save his son. He deserves to grow up and live a happy and healthy life. They are the resident of Rampur, UP. Due to poor financial condition they are not able to bear the expense. So, they approached HCRO for sponsorship to cure their Son.

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