Ambition is a burning desire to accomplish something. Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose. Ambition is the generator that powers motivation and instigates the will to achieve. But the way children are seen begging, picking rags, or doing juggling on the roads, what we can think of their ambitions. Do they really know the word “Ambitions”? Do they really know what do they want to achieve? We all know the answers. Ambition is important because their determination is what will shape our future. Ambition builds a student up and completes them into amazing human beings. A man without ambition is like a beautiful worm--it can creep, but it cannot fly. When we are ambitious, we have a vision. We envision our life a certain way. We dream of our future and hope to aspire to our dreams. These children are needed to have some visions. They need the society to show them the way to achieve something. They need motivation from society. Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose. Ambition is the germ from which all growth of nobleness proceeds. And society needs to have such ambition.


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How young must a child be to have an ambition? Must everyone work in a professional kind of job that is recognized by the majority? "Teacher, doctors, nurses, managers, accountant, lawyer, civil servant such as fireman, soldiers." I had never once asked my child what he wanted to do until he started talking about it himself. Because I was being asked persistently from age 5, what I wanted to do, and made to follow a path, I do not want to place the same undue stress on my little boy. I want him to grow up knowing everything and being well-rounded so he can choose to do anything he wants. That's why I continue to offer him different resources, pumped him with general knowledge and show him the world. My wish is not for him to be limited to something he just does for the sake of doing.

Many people around me have never once changed a job. They started working in a profession from the time they graduate, until they retire. Some does not even change the company and could be working in the same company for decades. Therefore, my unconventional way of thinking confounds them and I'm quite the weirdo in the family changing my jobs every now and then to meet my interests and what I want to learn. Example, I wanted to help people so I went into the human resource industry not knowing anything about it. I learnt on the job learning business stuff since I was a Science graduate. Later, I got interested in animation and even though I had never taken an art course, I became an animation designer, getting paid as I learned.

Each time people meet me after a few years, I would be doing a different thing that is totally not one of those 'professional' standard jobs above but I would have gained experience in some work again. My boy announced one day last year that he wants to be a MRT train driver so he could be in his favorite vehicle. We smiled. Then, after we went to Europe, he announced that he wants to be a train ticket conductor because he saw them helping to check tickets and beside the trains all the time. We gave him more information about what conductors do. I joked to Vin, "Oh no, ticket conductor sounds even lower than driver." Recently, he learned that people who design and work on trains are called 'engineer' so he declared that he wants to be a MRT engineer. But I think he meant technicians as he wants to work on the train physically, not sitting in an office.

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