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Our mission is to empower underprivileged children and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programs.


Realizing the dream of the poor.

To eliminate poverty and to ensure the life of security and dignity for marginalized sections of our society and to create a world in which all children are cared for, feel protected and given opportunities to grow and develop to their fullest extent, in a secure community that provides them support to emerge as responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Handicapped children's regeneration organisation commonly abbreviated as HCRO is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide health care,education and rural infrastructure in India. Our organisation works to uplift thousands of Women, Children and differently abled people who are denied of their basic rights and Our organisation has been working to bring the needed change through our counseling, guidance, assistances and skill development programs. As a non-profit entity, the dedicated team of HCRO. strive mainly to serve the interests of the broad and under -privileged community.

Help to Deprived Children

Our organization works for the concerned rights of children. Children’s rights include the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation, an adequate standard of living and to be protected from abuses and harms. Children’s rights cover their developmental and age-appropriate needs that change over the time as a child grows up.The object of HCRO is to provide help the destitute and indigent children especially with Educational and health supports. HCRO understands these needs very well and always makes efforts to fulfill these needs.

Funding for Poor

The health impact of poverty is most seen on children and women. They often suffer death and diseases due to no asses of healthcare,hygiene,clean water and sufficient food.The Other effects of poverty are visible in education, livelihood development etc. Our HCRO Organisation arrange financial assistance and goods for them so that we can fulfill their needs like education,medical assistance etc.

President of HCRO

I, Rashmi Shrivastav wants to tell that I have been working on issues of disability, child labor and women's rights with the experience of the past 10 years. I'm passionate about the rights of poor and excluded groups and communities. To ensure this, I work hard with the HCRO team so that the children and women of poor communities in our country can get all the highest quality medical, social, psychological, educational, and recreational services. We are indebted to our donors, sponsors and volunteers, who make our work possible because we continue to face new challenges in HCRO, together with them. I appeal to all of you to keep helping us to make smile special children, disadvantaged children and destitute women in this campaign. With strong support and encouragement, we can give new direction to the bright future of children in society. I am courteous with your support. And I know that we can work together so that we can achieve the self-governing world for present and future generations. In many societies there is a bias towards women and their governing ability, as a result many powerful positions are male-dominated. As chairman of HCRO, I will continue to make continuous efforts to increase the leadership capacity of women and provide them job opportunities and financially strengthen. I thank my whole team and all those people who are walking with us in this campaign by side with shoulders, Thank you

Our team/ HCRO Pariwar .

Team work is the ability to work together towards a common vision” Good team work is essential for their high performance in any organisation and hcro have a dedicated,studious,teachable,hardworking and efficient team. which is always ready to do any task with their full dedication.

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